Online Rephrase Tool

In academic discussion forums and social networking, the most important question asked by MA and PhD students and scholars is how to find and select the best provider of academic paraphrase services.

This question is sometimes asked about the disappointing experience they may have experienced as a result of choosing the wrong paraphrasing provider.

In addition to the fact that they need proofreading services, scientists and Ph.D. students often have to refer to the source or refer to a quote from another author when conducting their research, and here is the risk of plagiarism if they simply copy and paste it. They have to do it in their own words and style, using different words and structures and conveying the original idea.

This is quite understandable why there are sometimes mistakes for some students and scholars who need a paraphrasing service or a rephrase tool.

First: wrong choice

The first and most important mistake is that they chose the wrong provider. Perhaps they were deceived by all the colors and eloquent language these salespeople used to describe their services.

The second: lack of comparison

Almost all paraphrasing service providers offer customers, especially new ones, a free sample. In principle, every student or scientist who wants to make the right choice should use this suggestion.

The more samples you get from suppliers, the better, because it helps you to compare them all with a certain number of criteria (quality, speed, cost). If you are dealing with a supplier for the first time, it's always better to test them first with a free sample. Failure to do so often leads to disappointment.

Third, the cause of the problem

Of course, the poor quality of the paraphrasing services is the result of a lack of knowledge about the art of paraphrasing.

Reformulation is not a substitution of one word for another or a substitution of one sentence for another with synonyms. Here it is more about understanding the source text, its digestion, and then transforming it with a different style, structure, terminology and tonality.

Unfortunately, many students and scholars complain that the vendors they tried to give gave them a circumscribed version that was easily discovered as plagiarism. It has never been so easy to find sublime or plagiarized content, such as Turnitin.

Therefore, it is very important that after a professional retraining, students and scientists prepare their research on the best supplier, learn as many suppliers as possible and then compare the quality of their services. Only then can you be sure that you have made the right choice.