How do I use this text spinner?

You can use this tool just by copy & pasting your original article on the front page text area and clicking spin. That's it. Your article will be automatically spinned to maximum readablility and will also be SEO friendly.

Do I need to Register?

No, you dont have to register to use this service, but creating an account will give you more benfits like API access etc...

Do I need to pay a fee ?

No, this service is 100% free and no limitations what so ever.

How acurate is the text after spining ?

You can use this for article marketing and other promotions. if you are planing to use these on your blog, you must proof read them first.

Is it only English Articles ?

No, you can use Dutch, French, Spanish, German. Turkish, Indunesian articles and more language support will be added in the future.