About Us About txtspin.com

txtspin.com is a free service for spining articles to generate unlimited versions of the same article. makinng them SEO friendly and generating new content without having to re-write from scratch. you can use this service for free of charge. there are no limitations to how many times you can spin the same article or how many articles you can spin. We also offer API for use in your website. you can find them on API access page.

What is Article Spining

Article spining is specialy used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and considered a good method to avoid duplicate contents.Most webmasters use this method to avoid bing penalized by search engines such as Google which is highly discorage duplicate texts/content on websites. Article / Text spining is done by automatically replacing words with other words which has similar meaning in general. these words are different in each language and done by assinging similar words randomly.

Webmasters use this method mainly in article marketing which means not published in their own websites but other article directories and wiki pages. Most of the times google and other search engines dont detect the spun article as a duplicate if it's well-done. but google itself advice not to use these type of methods but it's considered a common practice these days.