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Welcome to our Free Article Spining Service!

txtspin.com provides top level article spining service for websmasters. Using the most advanced spining methods, we can make you unlimited versions of your original article. best of all, this service is free to use and absolutely no limitations.

Generate original articles and use them for your article marketing campaign. Our highly advanced methods will make your text 100% SEO frindly and undetectable as duplicate content.

What is spinning?

Article spining is done by automatically replacing words with similar meaning words, as an example the word 'power' will be replaced with 'energy'. Any language has many similar words and can be used to generate thousands of variations of the same article by randomly replacing each word. This is a very common practice amoung webmasters and not illigal in most cases. But google itself advices not to use these type of methods in websites and marketing campaigns. but when spining is done-well it is not detectable and considered as original content.

if you are planing to use these for any purpose other than article marketing and wiki submissions, we highly advice you to proof-read and make sure everything is in order. When done by a computer program, some words could get a whole other meaning which can be a problem in serious publications. as an example the word 'Great Britain' could be spun to 'Good Britain' because the words 'great' and 'good' has similar meanings. these type of errors are not detectable for a bot but to a human it could render the article unreadable if not corrected.

When you proof read and fix errors you can even use these articles for your blog or website. 98% of the time the article is readable and most of the time doesn't even require proof-reading. we hope you enjoy our service. please contact us thoug contact page if you have any questions regarding our service. also feedbacks are appreciated too.


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